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It has been quite a journey to get here, but we are so happy to be open.  We know it was a long wait, but we hope it will be worth it. 

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We know how important price is, especially during the current economic climate.  

We have tried to set our prices so they are the same, or lower than, prices found in the other shops in Haldimand County.    

If you are able to show us a lower price for a product (same brand, size, etc) at another store in Haldimand, we will happily match it. 

Coffee Bean


We know that you likely have your favourite brands or strains so please let us know, and we will do our best to keep it stocked, so you can count on it being here when you come in. 

You may also have a new product that you would love to try….if so, we are happy to try and include it with our next order.

We order on Fridays and our deliveries should come on Wednesday.  

Coffee Bean


One thing we noticed since legalization is the amount of packaging in the cannabis industry.  

We certainly don’t want add to this. 

We will avoid branded or printed bags and instead have a supply of 100% recycled paper bags (with no stamps or stickers) so they can be reused by our customers.…helping reduce the amount of waste in our industry even more.


Our Story

When we first started planning our new store, we wanted to focus on creating a great customer experience.  Now sure, that is something easy to say…but what does it really mean?  

Well, it means that we want to hear from you, the customer, and we will take your feedback, suggestions, and recommendations and try to build them into our store whenever we can.